Boopy Sparrow

Children have magic in their eyes that can make anything come true. This is probably how Boopy was born from the power of a glance, from a dancing spark, from the wish of another vision of the world without losing one's kidz' heart. This little orange sparrow is a witness to our planet where children have great roles to play. Boopy is also a symbol of the threats on the world's ecosystems because even though we seem to see its cute face in many places, sparrows are disappearing at an alarming rate without us noticing.

Boopy is an eco-detective, and what a great job it is! He tirelessly travels around the world to understand kidz' problems, resolve conflicts between population and environment, and think of possible solutions. His adventures are always colourful, fun, and interesting. They help answer kidz’ numerous questions especially during a time when worrying things happen all the time and doubt prevails. He tells stories about the real world and isn’t afraid to break taboos. In one story, the little girl, Mina, is HIV-positive but is a great model of hope and courage.

Boopy doesn’t just dream of a better world. He actively works to start building it. All his investigations are linked to a real program in the country visited where kidz can help others in those less fortunate countries. The more Boopy expands his network, the more his projects give birth to action. Some of these actions include sending orphans to school with regular updates on their school years and possible professional jobs in the future, paying for vaccines, and saving endangered species from extinction with creative partnerships. Boopy isn’t afraid and his friends are all “little heroes of the world”. If Boopy can save even just one kid on this Earth, then he will have won. But his vision is much grander than that.

The very dream is that with the actions of this little orange sparrow and his friends, thousands of kids will have hope again through other kidz’ actions and that endangered species will be protected in their natural habitat. When Boopy is able to send kidz to school in Kenya and locals understand that this is made possible because of the cheetahs, then they’re more eager to protect rather than to kill those animals.

For the first time, a character really cares about those who love him and put their faith in him. Boopy’s a truly motivated modern hero. He is the Eco-Sys Ambassador to the kids.