IDEA SIGN – where innovations and industries meets

IDEA SIGN was established some years after its founder had acquired experience in designing patents, products and technologies.

The company developed a unique work methodology and design for the patent world, successfully tested and tried during the course of the last few years.

IDEA SIGN brings to the world of intellectual property, technology and business a different and unique approach giving it a comparative and quality advantage in the relevant markets.
IDEA SIGN acts as a connection between the three elements of the IP world:  
•    Patent design and development
•    Products or technology design and development
•    Business development and planning for the product or technology resulting from the patent
IDEA SIGN strives to maximize and reinforce the patent potential, hence creating the best DNA for the concept or the patent.

Benefits of working together with IDEA SIGN :
IDEA SIGN implements optimal integration between intellectual property, technology and business development.

IDEA SIGN ‘s work is market oriented. Target groups, price, range structure, sales channels and marketing support are decisive corners in the conceptual design and implementation of product ideas.

IDEA SIGN develops games for all age and target groups. The spectrum of our service ranges from conceptual design to editing, art direction, accompanying production right through to complete production management and manufacturing.

IDEA SIGN regards the personal connection with the client or inventor and the relationship with him as a dominant factor for getting to the bottom of the concept and turning it into a strong and original patent with a substantial technological and commercial potential.